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Brett Butler
Enrage burn

Great product. Flavor taste really good.

Great tasting protein powder better than alot more at local nutrition shops at a higher price

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Michael Guzylak
Very tasty

I enjoyed each flavor. Still deciding if I want to swap from my current Dymatize iso.

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Christina Cotham
Sampler Review

They taste amazing, can hardly pic a favorite.

Jaimie Schwendiman
Raging rocket pop is the best!

I only use Enrage it hits me better and gives me just what I need through my workout even on my sleepy days, much better than the black. I absolutely love raging rocket pop because I don't care for sour flavors. The only problem I have is they never get new flavors in the regular enrage , the black always gets the new flavors. I would love the cotton candy, strawberry mango, or cream soda in regular enrage or the other sweet flavors only because rocket pop gets repetitive and I'd love to change it up.

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Stephen Porter
Hands down my new favorite

Used pre workout for 10 years every brand and I tried the samples didn't take long to make me ordered more!

100% Whey Protein Isolate
Jaimie Schwendiman
Peanut butter cookie

The peanut butter cookie is my new favorite protein! It's not an overpowering flavor and is the smoothest protein I've ever drank and I use water to mix.

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Pete Dowling
Pete D

I’m glad I took advantage of the samples and Shaker. Each flavor is delicious.

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Christina La Fountain
Great taste!

I been trying a few different brands to see which ones I like best and which sit well with my stomach. This brand by far has been my favorite!! The taste is not chalky at all, but so good and smooth. I just wish that the sample packs were sold individually so I could order those by them selves. S’mores was my favorite!

Great Taste

Great taste and easily digestible

Great Shaker and Love the Sample Protein

I really like this shaker, it's good quality and gets the job done. I also really enjoyed the sample packs that gave me a chance to try different flavors and l will be ordering some of them on my next order.

Neal B.

This has become my favorite BCAA/EAA supplement for my inter and post workouts. The flavor is great and really does the trick, much better than other brands l have tried.


I have been using this protein for a few weeks now and it has quickly become my favorite protein. The Brownie Batter flavor is great, looking forward to trying the other flavors and this has become my "GO TO" protein for every situation, won't be caught without any from now on!

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Joseph Fitzwater
Hit and miss

The cereal and the churro not happening not a good flavor brownie batter and s'mores are actually pretty good

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Melissa Nation
It ALL Rocks!

EVERY flavor is on point, no matter the product! And the pre workout has just the right amount of “geek” (aka tingles) I love! My workouts are solid. I’ve never been devoted to any one product line like I am EFlow

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Bobbi Galczak

I've only havevtime to try one of my pouches. It was the fruity pebbles one and I was unsure of it only because it was very sweet.


I loved all of them in water!
Typically other brands you need milk to help the flavors out but WOW!!
I can drink it in water without extra carbs from milk and it’s only 110 calories!!
I appreciate the samples to try before purchasing!! Thank you and ordered!!💕

Sample pack

This was one of the best sample packs I have tried. They all taste just like what's on the package. Not to sweet which I have had issues with that in the past. Will be buying a bigger tub of the churro.

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Theresa Chioffi

I haven't started yet but read good things about it wish my luck!

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Curt Popejoy
Solid but not spectacular

I got the sampler and the flavors were ok. Not a big fan of the little bits but to each their own. Best part was it didn't hurt my stomach at all which is a huge plus.

Free Samples & Shaker

Loved all of the flavors and energy provided, look forward to getting larger quantities next time.


Great results and performance, I’m down about 10 lbs in the first 3 weeks, will continue for another 6.

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Neal Climaco
Taste Great!

All flavors taste great! Easy to mix. No after taste.. highly recommended!

Tropical Cooler

This flavor is so good!!!

Best Shaker ever

I've never had a shaker like this before, but it is awesome and easy to clean!