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Cinnamon Churro great in hot coffee!

I really like a creamy cinnamon protein in my coffee. I've tried a bunch since my favorite flavor from another company was discontinued, but struggled to find one I liked until I tried this Cinnamon Churro. I was a bit concerned about the cereal pieces hindering my coffee drinking, but it's actually good! Not unlike having a few marshmallows floating in your hot chocolate. To stir this in hot coffee, I first pour a half a cup and let it cool down a bit (adding protein powder when it's too hot can sometimes create a yucky texture) then I add the protein powder, mix with my handheld milk frother, then top it off with more hot coffee. Perfect!

Cinnamon Churro is great!

Great flavor and mixes well

Erica Hill
Pre workout

Absolutely LOVE this product!! Focus, energy & pump! 🙌🏼

It works like a charm

It works great but I don’t understand the thing they but inside the bottle

Tastes amazing!

My favorite flavor is cinnamon churro! E Flow protein mixes instantly with no grit or clumps. The flavors are excellent!

100% Whey Protein Isolate
Luke Montgomery
Best on the Market!

This stuff is delicious! I've tried many different protein powders out there and some don't mix well, others aren't filling. This us the smoothest and best tasting flavors I feel are on the market. Try it! You won't regret it

Shaker and samples

Overall I like it. Loved the flavors. Wasn't really a fan of the chunks of cereal or marshmallows. Will definitely order more.

FREE Protein Sampler
Christina Walters
Free samples

I really liked them, little sweet, but very delicious for Protein shake! Churro is probably my favorite flavor.
I just wish they came in plant based since whey makes me bloat.


I loved this so much and the s’mores was absolutely delicious!!

Luke Gauthier
Stands the test

Great flavor, awesome build, one of the best products I've bought.

FREE Protein Sampler
David Martinez

FREE Protein Sampler


Protien was very good. Considering ordering one as kind of “treat” protein powder. Thank you again.

Great taste at a great price!

I first tried the sampler protein packs and had to purchase more! This round I went with the peanut butter cookie and brownie mix and I plan on getting even more flavors!

100% Whey Protein Isolate
Dani Leuenberger

100% Whey Protein Isolate

Great taste!

All 3 samples i tried were really good. The churro was Amazing!

Kevin Jay

Awesome I love it. The energy boost I get is great and the increased stamina.


Mixes very well. No clumps. Also was easy on my gut. Will buy again

Protein shake

The protein shakes are really flavorful.

Maci Morgan
Amazing Enrage Black Preworkout!!!

Enrage Black was a good investment!! Preworkout gives me the energy and commitment I need to go to the gym!! Even though shipping cause some damage to my container customer service was completely friendly and very helpful to send me a replacement!!!

J Sebree
So Far, So Awesome!

Adding the Endure as a post-workout drink has been a game changer. Faster recovery, no morning after soreness. Love the flavor variety

FREE Protein Sampler
Alexander Hennek
Mind blowing

Flavor of all four samples were phenomenal. Some of the best protein I've tried over the years. Made me excited to try a new one the next day.

Tasty and filling

I really enjoyed the e flow shakes. They blend up very well in the shaker that I got for free! They tasted good and kept me from being hungry for quite some time.

FREE Protein Sampler
Omar Banuelos
Whey protein

Best whey protein feel great, recovery, and get gains fast , next day workout feel ready to hit the weights

Flavors were good will be buying more!

New Fave

I received my sampler and so far I love every one I tried! Now I have to decide which full size I will be ordering first!