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S’mores is great

The brownie batter was eh but the s’mores was amazing

Fast Shipping

Received products very quickly. Would have been nice to be able to taste samples of all proteins powders available.

FREE (Protein) Shaker Sampler
Justin & Katie Scheer
Great Product

Great products.

100% Whey Protein Isolate

literally feel my muscles getting bigger.

Stumbled upon Eflow nutrition and the availability of sample packs was what I was looking for before purchasing protein. The reviews seemed great so I gave it a go, the deals during the checkout process sparked me to purchase the black pre workout as well and man! Was I ever pleasantly surprised! The flavors of protein are so amazing I was legitimately sad when my shake was empty! And the pre workout really hits! These products will take my Strongman(woman) game to the next level and same for my teen competing for a spot on the US karate team!

Great Flavor

I love this protein powder! It has great flavor, blends easily and does not cause me to bloat and be gassy like most protein powders do.

Great shaker cool print

Beat the piss outta this thing and it holds awesome. Right cap, nice and tight secure snap on with a nice mixer. No clumps in my protein or pre workout.

FREE Protein Sampler
Charles Marek
Loved the flavor selection

I was surprised how good they tasted! I don't like chocolate hardly at all and only eat medicated brownies, but that brownie batter is my favorite of the bunch and the other flavors were great as well! I will be buying more!

Good Stuff

Cool shaker, good tasting preworkout and giveslots of energy and focus

good shaker

shaker is cool and is great


Taste is great an not chalky!

Amazing products!!!

You’re products were amazing definitely one of my favorites by far! 12/10 flavor and mixed fully! 12/10 performance great pump energy and focus. For more detailed review look on my instagram @btverskyfitness

FREE (Protein) Shaker Sampler
Nicholas E. Conant

FREE (Protein) Shaker Sampler

So far only tried the sour gummy worm different levels of sour in one little packet but great

Great taste

Loved the marshmallows and pebbles i did not expect that to be in there

Love all 3 flavors I tried!!

The brownie is coffee tastes like hot chocolate! Yummmy

free samples

i enjoyed all 3 preworkout and the shaker cup. however i think the sour gummyworms flavor is by far the standout. loved it, thank you.

Great 👍

I got 3 samples and a shaker...I gave two of the samples away and o hade one for my self, it tasted really great, and one of the guys days that it is so far the best pre workout he has ever had and is way better than C4. My other friend lived the sour mango flavor and he also liked the pump it gave him. I have tried bucked up, C4, and beyond lit raw and imo not only it taste amazing but I feel like it has really good performance totally recommend it.

100% Whey Protein Isolate
Bradley Mitchell
Beyond what I expected!!!

Ordered the sampler of whey protein that comes with the shaker.. Firstly the design of the shaker is brilliant and blends it within a few shakes (plus the cool design on the cup is a plus). I tried s’mores brownie batter and fruity cereal and each one of them was loaded with flavor and no gritty power or super thick hard to drink liquid! Most whey proteins I’ve tried over 10 plus years have been hard to mix or the taste just wasn’t there. I will be a continuous customer from this point forward and love the whey!

FREE (Protein) Shaker Sampler

FREE Shaker and Samples
Easton Gelinne

FREE Shaker and Samples


They were honestly so good

Melanie Clement

We have been trying to find something that helps us sleep and finally found it! My husband is so impressed! He falls asleep and is out most of the night. We used to get up 3-4 times a night and use the bathroom. Now it is 1 or non at all. Definitely recommend 👌

Loved it

The bottle was amazing, the preworkout was amazing. All the flavors were good and I was pumped through my whole workout