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FREE Protein Sampler

In complete shock.

Let me start off by saying that I have never written a review for a pre workout in my years of using them daily. At first I thought the free sample was just another marketing ply that I got suckered in by. Regardless, I fell victim to it. I have been on a cut for the past few weeks and have been feeling very weak and tired. I tried the Enrage Extreme Strawberry Lemonade sample today, and instantly felt an impact. The effect kicked in quickly, and I experienced laser sharp focus unlike any pre-workout has provided me before. The pump was great and I felt much stronger and motivated today. I was pleasantly surprised by the taste as well; could not tell the difference from a real lemonade. Overall, I cannot be more ecstatic about this pre-workout. I am looking forward to trying the other samples that I received. As long as the results from the sample are consistent, I will never look for another pre-workout again. You would be a fool to not give this stuff a try; it will not disappoint.

Great taste

Though I've gotten my samples I have only tried the fruity pebbles so far . I can say that the taste is spot on I hope the rest of the flavors are just as good. As for the pre workout mixes they are great.


I loved the samples I received and will definitely be purchasing later. My only issue is that I wish there were half size bottles because I would like to buy 2 different types and it takes me a while to use up one large container. I had gastric bypass surgery and use the shakes as meal replacements. I like to have variety and not the same flavor everyday. It would be interesting to make a variety pack of 10 servings each.


One word sums up it up. Astonishing.

Love so far!

I have tried the s'mores, churro, and fruity cereal. They are all awesome! The first taste was surprising. I couldnt believe how tasty they are. They do not taste like a protein shake. I add ice and almond milk and blend, vuala! Milkshake!!

Protein sample

I really like the shaker and the protein was so good that I decide to order a bigger bottle of one of the flavors

Great product

I got my samples in and tried them right away and they taste amazing and am looking forward to ordering more in the near future! Thank you for the free shaker and samples!


I loved the cinnamon churro the best


Fit well and good quality!

Great value

Nice mix of samplers and the shaker works well

FREE Protein Sampler

FREE (Protein) Shaker Sampler

Fruity Cereal Protein and Nerds Pre

Best tasting supplements in the game. They were exactly what I was looking for. Would highly recommend.

Mind = blown

Ordered the sample pack because at least I’d get a cool shaker the aminos are good not too sweet and they have a good flavor but oh my this is one of the first protein powders I didn’t have to chug they taste amazing definitely ordering from now on and only took 3 days from ordering to arrive

FREE Protein Sampler

This stuff is great

Didn't make me gassy, or give me any intestinal distress at all. Smelled great and tasted good. I can't believe the fruity cereal tasted just like froot loops! Churro was my favorite.


The protien is amazing and the flavors are unreal

Good flavors

I really enjoyed the flavors that tasted like you were drinking the milk after a bowl of cereal.

Great taste

Great product. Tried it on a free sample and loved the variety of tastes with the low sugar.

Pretty decent protein

It has slightly higher calories and sugar than my normal protein. I’m the big scheme of things this seems like a quality protein. The flavors were phenomenal.

Free protein sampler

Each flavor was delicious! Great taste and great recovery!

Shaker and samples

The churro flavor was awesome the fruity cereal wasn’t my favorite but it taste like what it’s suppose to be

Loved it

Loved it. Great!!! Def getting more.

FREE (Protein) Shaker Sampler