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Shaker bottle & sampler

Just got the shaker yesterday. Had 1 sample packet. Tasted pretty good.

5 stars!!

I have been using the enrage pre workout about a month now the buzz is great. The extra in the tank come those last few reps or even last few KM on the track is unreal. Highly recommend to everyone!

The product I got was awesome


Being someone that's taken a lot of pre workouts I have to say by far ENRAGE is definitely the top favorite. It mixes well taste great but as side from that my workouts have been phenomenal. Over all I say it's definitely a great pre workout. I've been recommending it to people since I started noticing it working really well for me. Energy with no crash it's great.

Love it

Great idea by eFlow. This package let's you try some different products/flavors plus you get a great shaker. Just ordered the Warrior Stack and the new ENDOGENIN. Can't wait to try it.


I love this Preworkout! And this particular flavor is amazing, just ordered another!

Something new

Never tried this brand of supplements before. I ordered it with the shaker cup deal and it was good. The cup is more sturdy than most you buy. The supplements were good too. Great flavors no chalky after taste. The rocket pop and gummy bear flavors were the best. I recommend this to anybody who wants to try something new.

extreme jitters

I had to stop taking this product. It putting me into a state of jittery, feeling out of control. It is very powerful.

Hi Julie, ENCINERATE is a powerful stimulant based fat burner. If you have a low tolerance to stimulants (like caffeine) it may take a week or so for your tolerance to adjust. We recommend starting with only 1 Capsule (180mg Caffeine) and taking with food. If you're looking for a stimulant free fat burner we recommend our ELIXIR PM!
Loving It

I'm 3-4 weeks in and noticing some good results, increased strength and leaning effects. I'll definitely be getting a 2nd bottle!


I only recently bought the Endogenin. After I finish my first month supply then I will give a proper review. I think this would provide the best results for your future consumers.

Snow what?

Works great but doesn’t taste like snow cone. Taste more like blue raspberry to me.

So good, had to order more!

The ENDURE BCAAs are sure to compliment any work out with their great flavor and quick action. I make sure always use them pre, during, and post workout to maximize each and every time I work out. Couldn't imagine a better BCAA on the market besides ENDURE.



works for some

didnt work for me but my wife takes it and loves it


Not gonna lie I switched for a bit. Massive mistake. Best pre workout on the market. My lifts have been amazing!


Great pump and the flavor is amazing. Look forward to drinking it during my workout.

Love love love!!

I love this stuff!! Finally a fat burner that works but doesn’t make me jittery or sick feeling!


This is the best tasting pre-workout that I have had in a long time! Love it!

Very Nice

Works and looks great! People notice it!

Enrage Extreme

Wow. This is not for beginners. 3/4 scoop and I was really feeling it. Flavor was on point too.

Can’t stop sharing with others!

Absolutely love this product! Blends well with water and is something I look forward to!

Greatest pre workout

I’ve tried a handful of pre workouts and this by far gives me the best pump and focus.

Amazing flavor

Got the sample packs and by far some 9f ther best tasting aminos I've had!! Ordering more of the sour gummies!!

New favorite

This stuff is amazing! I hit the weights harder than I have in awhile. Definitely found a new favorite product


I love it