Why You Need BCAAs

| By Eric Wolfe
Why You Need BCAAs

Why You Need BCAAs

Maximize the results from your workout.

In my personal opinion as well as the opinion of many experts BCAA's are one of the most essential supplements in your line up!  Getting the Amino Acids you need can really make a different in improving your body composition, your workouts, and recovery. Here are a few of the top benefits


One of the first things you might notice when implementing BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids) into your supplementation is improved immune system support.  Weight training and intense exercise can put major stress on the body.  To avoid potential issues with muscle recovery, which can lead to higher chances of illness, BCAA's are a great supplement.

Consuming amino acids daily are something everyone should be doing in order to optimize the body for recovery and help maintain a healthy immune system.  Research also shows that consuming BCAA's around exercise is the most effective time.


Anytime your body is under stress or in a caloric deficit you are at risk of losing lean muscle mass.  For example when you're dieting this is one of the most important times to consume BCAAs.  Another important time that many don't think about is when you're unable to train and potentially in a catabolic environment, maybe you're recovering from an injury and are unable to exercise for a while.  BCAAs can also assist with speeding up the recovery process and maintaning nitrogen balance.

Don't overlook the benefits of a good BCAA product like ENDURE it's one that can really make a difference in your training, recovery, and endurance.


Another big benefit you'll experience if you supplement your diet with BCAAs is that you can rest assured that you will not experience deficiencies in overall amino acid levels. Many of those who are on highly restricted diets such as those prepping for contests or those who adopt a vegetarian way of eating will run the risk of not taking in the essential amino acids, so this supplement helps make up for that.

Amino Acids will also increase the rate of protein synthesis taking place in your body.  Since new muscle mass can only be built when protein synthesis takes place and old tissue is repaired while new tissue is built up, the faster this process progresses, the quicker you will see results.

Give our ENDURE BCAA a try, not only does it have 5G of BCAA's but ALSO includes 1G of L-Glutamine to help aid in recovery. 1G of Citrulline Malate, 1G of Arginine HCI and 100MG of L-Norvaline to help with bloodflow, endurance and pumps!  You can take it any time of the day and get some benefits but the most pronounced will be noticed when taking before and/or during training!



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