Does it make a difference what time of the day you train?   

Everybody is different and we all have schedules that effect when and where we train. Some prefer to hit the gym early in the morning, others go later at night. Is there really a perfect time where you’re physiological factors are at their peak for performance, recovery, fat metabolism and everything else that goes along with the optimal scenario.

My theory is that the perfect time to train is the time which fits in best with your day, schedule, and when you feel most ready. There have been stages where I religiously worked out at 6pm (peak time at the gym!). These days with a more flexible schedule, I choose to train around 10am to avoid the crowds. It’s whatever works for you, rather than try and choose a time which is said to be "best". I notice my body adjusts to the time zone I typically choose; perhaps it’s a mental thing also. So with my current routine when I go around 10am I feel I perform more optimally then if I was to randomly go at a later or earlier time in the day.

Whenever I travel or even during busy work days, my training times can fluctuate a lot from early morning to late at night, I make do with the given scenario and do my best to control my environment. This is how I would suggest you determine what the best time of day for you is to train…


Maybe it’s right when you wake up and have had just a small meal, or later on in the day after you’ve had 4-5 solid meals. Find a time where your energy level is good and your motivation to train is high. The time of the day when you feel you’re alert and can focus.

ENRAGE preworkout can be a great additional to your training arsenal. Helping get you focus, energized and motivated to conquer your training session and make some improvements. I suggest taking 1 scoop about 15-20 minutes prior to training.


This can be a very important subject to consider. If you have a very stressful day ahead of you which you’re anxious about, I’d recommend getting that out of the way to let your mind rest before training. If you train when you’re highly anxious, and stressed your cortisol production is going to skyrocket, you’re going to have a hard time focusing and probably won’t enjoy the workout. It’s ideal to train when you’re able to give it your full attention and focus. If you’re just coasting through your workout don’t expect the progress you want.

Always remember to drink your ENDURE BCAA while training to enhance recovery, endurance and protect your muscle.


Rest days can be essential for proper recovery.  It's when you're resting that your muscles are repairing and rebuilding.  No matter what time of the day you train, be sure to take a rest day here and there.  Even if it's an "active" rest day, consisting of just some light cardio, plyo's, yoga, stretching, etc.

It's also worth noting that you should get ample sleep, most studies suggest 7-9 hours to be ideal for athletic performance.



Eric Wolfe
B.S. CPT. AFAA. AFAA Advanced.
Founder of eFlow Nutrition
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