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Gains Stack

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The Gains Stack Includes:

  • (1) TURKESTERONE Natural Muscle Building and Testosterone Support supplement derived from the plant Ajuga Turkestanica. Turkesterone has been shown to have considerable anabolic effects, with users reporting both muscle gain and fat loss when using consistently for the recommenced 90 day period.

  • (1) ENFLUX® Natural Testosterone Support supplement made up of a variety of highly effective and beneficial compounds, including the potent ingredient Ashwagandha Extract (KSM-66®), along with Fenugreek, DIM, Longjack, AstraGin (for enhanced absorption) and added vitamins proven to support increased testosterone levels.
  • (1) Fadogia Agrestis + Tongkat Ali helps boost T and improve vitality. Improve muscle growth, energy levels, drive, performance, and support stress adaptation.
  • (FREE) CREATINE HCI Increase workout performance, recovery & lean gains! Anyone looking to help build muscle and improve recovery without the need of a loading phase. Our premium Creatine HCl digests easy so you can achieve your goals. No bloat, no water retention and no stomach issues. We also included AstraGin for increased absorption. 


Optimize Your Gains!
These benefits and more:

  • Promotes Lean Gains
  • Supports Lean Body Mass
  • Promotes Reduced Estrogen Levels
  • Supports Protein Synthesis
  • Natural Anabolic (non-hormonal)
  • Safe For Both Men & Women
  • Stack for Synergistic Effects
  • Consistency is Key!  For optimal results we recommend using for 90 days.

Customer Reviews

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DONALD Kincaid
The Gains Stack

I have been very impressed with this combo. It has given me a strong clean energy source to take into my daily training. I am an endurance athlete and this stack has been impressive! I will continue to take these supplements moving forward. I am very pleased with the results.

Jimmy Thomas

I've been using the product now for going on. 2 months noticed the big difference. Really like it definitely would recommend.

Michael Harper

Noticing a difference after 2 weeks taking it starting to lift heavier with more reps, great product

Michael Harper
Gains stack

I can't really review products yet as only on day 4 but what I can review is the speedy delivery in which my order arrived especially coming from Las Vegas to Perth in Western Australia. I'll review in a few weeks once results start.......

Jean Bernard
I need to try a example

I would like to try a example