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ENRAGE Extreme is an extremely potent, high-intensity, high-stimulant pre-workout formula. This formula was designed for those looking for ridiculous energy, powerful performance & pumps, with razor sharp mental focus. Each scoop supplies a whopping 350mg Caffeine, 3.2g Beta-Alanine, and other Stims - in other words, this pre is not for the faint of heart. If you're ready to experience a hard hitting pre-workout like no other get ready for ENRAGE Extreme!

  • 350MG Caffein
  • 3.2G Beta Alanine
  • High-Stim Formula

*To asses tolerance begin by taking 1/2 scoop.  After tolerance has been determined, 30 minutes prior to exercise mix one scoop of ENRAGE Extreme with 6-8 oz of water.  Shake/Stir adequately and consume immediately on an empty stomach.  On non-workout days, consume 1/2 scoop mixed in water on an empty stomach.

  • Extreme High-stimulant Formula
  • Extreme Performance and Pump
  • Extreme Mental Focus and Energy
  • Extreme Endurance and Strength


+ Enrage Extreme FAQ

Q: How is ENRAGE Extreme different from regular ENRAGE?
A: ENRAGE Extreme is our High-Stim version. This version is a different more stim-heavy formula, which containers more caffeine along with other very potent stimulants not found in regular ENRAGE.

Q: What is N-phenethyl Dimethylamine Citrate?
A: Also known as eria jarensis, N-phenethyl dimethylamine citrate is a class of PEAs that helps with mental focus during training and helps you feel good long after your workout is over.

Q: Is ENRAGE Extreme safe for both Men & Women?
A: Yes, ENRAGE Extreme is safe for both Men & Women.

Q: Can I stack ENRAGE Extreme with ENCINERATE Thermogenic?
A: Yes, but we recommend to not take them at the same time due to both containing stimulants. We would suggest to separate the doses by 3-4 hrs.

Q: Is there any sugar/calories in ENRAGE Extreme?
A: No, ENRAGE Extreme contains zero calories and is sugar free.

Q: Do I need to cycle off of ENRAGE Extreme?
A: We suggest to periodically take breaks from all caffeine/stimulant products to allow your body’s tolerance to decrease.

Q: Can I take ENRAGE Extreme on none-training days?
A: Yes, if you want some added energy and focus you can take ½ - 1 scoop of ENRAGE Extreme in the morning.

Q: How can I stack with ENDURE BCAA?
A: For optimal results, take 1 scoop of ENRAGE Extreme prior to training and 1 scoop of ENDURE BCAA during training.

Customer Reviews

Based on 83 reviews
Insane pwo

I had the most insane workout ever whit this!
The pump was sick and it felt like i never got tired.
Strongly Recomending

Enrage extrême

Best preworkout i have ever used

Honest review

I like how quickly I got the product and how amazing the deal was. I have used it for the last 11 days and honestly I'm a little let down. There is a good pump from the amount of caffeine and BA in the product. It does not seem to last to long and the gummy bear flavor is awful! I am still hopeful and continuing the use of the product.

Nothing better!!

I’ve had nearly every PWO you could think of. This stuff will make you not want to leave the gym. Ever since DMAA was band I’ve searched and found this stuff is just as good. DHMA :) You can go to a supplement store and buy something with DMHA but I know you going to play close to 2x the price and only get 20 servings. Plus EFLOW always give me 3-4 samples of PWO and BCAAs for free.

Enrage Extreme

I love this product and would give it 8/10! I would rate it 10/10 if there was more of a pump effect!